June 2004 to September 2006

Still in Reminiscing 2004…

This update is long overdue! It has been almost two years since we have had time to retrospect our activities and so much has happened. First though, a few pictures from the 2004 SDCA National Specialty which took place at Basin Harbor, Vergennes, Vermont. This event was described at the end of our last “What’s New” but these pictures taken by Andrew Lamb need to be added. The first is of our Indy– boy in the Veteran’s class looking very handsome at almost 8 years.

Can. Ch. Fernhill’s Turbulent Indigo just shy of 8 years of age

Can. Ch. Fernhill’s Roslyn…at 3 ½ years in the Bred by Exhibitor Class

Then we tackled that arm twisting – stretching event euphemistically known as the “Team” class with
(L to R) Solar Flare, Super Nova, Holly and Roslyn

blasting out of the starting gate….

and then when you survive the go-around, the judge asks for a triangle!

Our wonderful Holly Golightly a blazing star in the Open ASFA coursing.

Summer 2004

When I look back on our 2004 show activities I realize that we barely left the farm(s) that year other than our visits to the National Scottish Deerhound Club of America Specialty and the Eastern SDCA Specialty. However, on June 19th we did go to our only all breed show in 2004. Close by, in Kingston, we headed off with the main intention of socialising our pup Fernhill’s Solar Flare. We returned with a Best Puppy in Hound Group under Lloyd Allewell and then Flare went on to a Best Puppy in Show! Since I didn’t expect such honours and had other commitments that evening Susan Trow (“Caretta”) who now occupies the Fern Hill Coach House, stayed and handled him for his BPIS under Mr. S. Warren Hood at his first (and only…so far) all-breed show. It was a very pleasant surprise.

Fernhill’s Solar Flare at 11 months…Best Puppy in Hound Group and then on to Best Puppy in Show!

On August 1, 2004 we attended the Gazehound Ontario Specialty in Barrie. That event turned out to be a 5 point major for Fernhill’s Atticus who went BOS from the classes over the male specials.

Fernhill’s Atticus Gazehound Ontario Specialty, 2004

Atticus resting on his laurels…

In our last “What’s New” I mentioned the wonderful visit we had with Jocelyn Thompson in the spring of 2004 just before the SDCA National Specialty. Jocelyn came from Australia with the explicit goal of finding a Deerhound male to take back and she happily settled on Jeanne Frye’s puppy, Thistleglen Neville (Ch. Thistleglen Leeds X Ch. Fernhill’s Thistleglen Tenille) and started the long involved process of importing this dog to Australia. More on Neville later but here he is at 9 months.

Thistleglen Neville (Ch. Thistleglen Leeds X Ch. Thistleglen Tenille) 9 months

Fall 2004

Then, in September 2004 we welcomed more Aussies, Virginia and Kevin Hawke (“Nelungaloo”), who dropped by on their way to the U.K. to visit Kenneth Cassels. Virg and Kevin were tremendous fun and we soaked up and exchanged Deerhound hunting stories, argued about conformational priorities and thoroughly enjoyed their visit. The timing was perfect as we were about to head off to the Eastern Regional Specialty. We all piled into two vans brimming with dogs n’ stuff and caravanned down to the Wine Country circuit. It was a great event starting with Indy’s (Ch. Fernhill’s Turbulent Indigo) Best in Veteran Sweepstakes, despite being the oldest dog entered in a formidable line-up.

Ch. Fernhill’s Turbulent Indigo
Eastern Regional Specialty Best in Veteran Sweeps at 8 ½ years

Kevin and Virginia Hawke (“Nelungaloo”) fitting right in!

Actually, Fernhill Deerhounds, just like a good single malt Scotch, improve with age. Here is Indy a year later at 9 ½ years still hunting with the youngsters.

Ch. Fernhill’s Turbulent Indigo at 9 ½ years

Indy’s soul shining through

Right after the Eastern Regional, Fernhill’s Dulcinea (from our “T” litter of Ch. Lehigh Urquhart “Gordy” X Ch. Fernhill’s Electra at Fitzhugh) came in season. We had bred Dulcie twice before to Indy and really felt she had made her contribution to the Deerhound world, but couldn’t resist one last fling for her since she produced so well, loved having babies and was in such great shape for her age. We decided on a male in Virginia, where belying her 7 years, Dulcie hopped the five foot fence in her consort’s backyard and started to head back to Canada when she found that her chosen had never read the “how to” manual. So after 20 hours of driving we returned home and passed the torch (i.e. our still “hot” veteran babe) to Susan Trow who ferried Dulcie to Quebec to try Am.Can.Ch. Pyefleet Niall. We had tried Niall in the past as he is a beautiful moving dog with a great rear and front assembly, but were not successful in getting a litter. This time we hit the jackpot and Niall and Dulcie produced a modest sized litter of 2 males and 2 females on November 4, 2004. As a winter litter, four pups are an enjoyable number.

Litter born November 4, 2004 Sire: Am.Can.Ch. Pyefleet Niall X Dam: Fernhill’s Dulcinea

Dulcie with Javelin, Jasper, Juno and Jura at Day 2

New bloodlines always result in new experiences. This time we found ourselves with a litter that was the most inactive that we had ever experienced. They lay in the box like large fat seals and at four weeks when our past litters seem to collectively say “OK gang, we’re outta here!” and with a heave-ho are over the side of the whelping box, this foursome was just learning to waddle about.

Niall X Dulcie pups at 1 week of age.

By the time they were 7 weeks, Dulcie took it upon herself to entice them into exercising themselves and gradually they became more active and less tubby.

By the time they reached 6 months (below), the two that I kept, Fernhill’s Jura and Fernhill’s Javelin were looking extremely promising. Jura found a very special family with Lynn and Bob Wellenstein (AnTec Orchids, Candor N.Y.) and Javelin found his match with Soso Whaley (New Hampshire).

Fernhill’s Jura (Niall X Dulcinea) 6 months

Soso and Fernhill’s Javelin 1 year

Spring 2005
Litter born April 5, 2005 Sire: Can. Ch. Fernhill’s Atticus X Dam: Can. Ch. Fernhill’s Roslyn

Despite having just shepherded Dulcie’s litter by Niall out the door, we decided to breed Roslyn a few months later after a sudden panic attack that our best bitch’s biological clock was ticking away. So we selected Ch. Fernhill’s Atticus and Roslyn, at 4 ½ years, on April 4, 2005, had 1 bitch puppy and 5 males. It was hard to tell who was prouder, Alistair Sutherland, the owner of Atticus, who hustled him off to the show scene to finish his championship with a Group placement so as not to shame his new family!

now Champion! Fernhill’s Atticus August 2005

Roslyn proved to be an easy whelper and wonderful mother.

Atticus X Roslyn pups, 5 dogs, 1 bitch) born April 4, 2005

One week old….then six weeks later we are off for the first great smallie hike…

then, a month later, the family portrait

Lantana, Linden, Logan, Lochiel, Lyric and Locke at 11 weeks

S.D.C.A. National Specialty, June 6, 2005

Leaving Richard and Roslyn to look after the babies, Susan and I headed out to Oregon to the SDCA National Specialty on June 6. It has become too difficult and expensive to take dogs, so we went out to enjoy ourselves, watch some beautiful dogs show and course and I did a little handling for Ch. Fernhill’s Hawkeye Pierce F.Ch. X (below)

Can. Ch. Fernhill’s Hawkeye Pierce F.Ch. X

and Ch. Fernhill’s Gabriola F.Ch. X. and that crusty old bitch Ch. Fernhill’s Glayva F. Ch.…oldest dog at the Specialty and winner of the 9+ years Veteran class.

Ch. Fernhill’s Glayva F. Ch.…

It was with mixed emotions that we traveled west at this time. We knew that our great friend Judy Wozniak (“Belhaven”) was terminally ill and we might never see her again. On the other hand Judy promised to wait for our return. She wanted to hear the “scoop” on this event and she kept her promise. On our return we headed to Belhaven and laughed and partied as we relived the Specialty watching Susan’s video of the event. We had a wonderful three days together reminiscing over the foibles of the show scene, friendships, life with a Big “L” and two days later on June 21, 2005, Judy died. She has left a huge hole in our lives. Judy was one of life’s great originals.

By the end of July, Roslyn’s pups were heading off to their new homes. Sherry Helwer and her son drove out from Brandon, Manitoba to pick up Fernhill’s Locke. Kris Smith (“Jeffcairn”) flew in from California so we gave her the difficult task of taking her “pick” from the litter. Since we felt quite happy keeping whatever was leftover, we felt smug as we enjoyed her agonising as to which pup she would take. She finally chose “Mr. Brown” who is now Fernhill’s Logan of Jeffcairn.

Fernhill’s Logan of Jeffcairn at 4 months

We kept Lantana (Atticus X Roslyn) 4 months

and Lyric was our “leftover”….. Lyric (above at 4 months)

We enjoyed Kris’ visit enormously as she is such a knowledgeable coursing enthusiast and outdoorsy type. Speaking of the great outdoors…

Linden went off to live on a 350 acre ranch on the edge of the Kananaskis in Alberta with an old Greyhound as a companion and horses to keep him fit….and did I mention the heated riding arena for exercising in when winter arrives?

Lochiel, our “Mr.Personality” from this litter, briefly joined Linden at a later date when Linden’s old greyhound friend passed on. However, he blew his big chance by immediately showing off to his brother and leading him into the Kananaskis for a 10 hour cougar and grizzly hunting expedition. That was too much for Linden’s folks, rightly so, and Lochiel is now under lock and key in Edmonton.

Fall 2005

A non-doggy event on September 3, 2005, that turned out to be a spectacular family gathering was the unveiling of a provincial plaque in honour of my great grandfather Sir Byron Edmund Walker at his summer residence at DeGrassi Point, Lake Simcoe, Ontario. A banker and philanthropist, Walker’s legacy is enormously important to the Canadian cultural scene as he was pivotal in establishing this country’s great institutions, which include the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Gallery, the Champlain Society, Appleby College. As my mother was his eldest grandchild and was 14 years old when he died, she knew him well and I was raised, steeped in the legend of this great man.

Invitation to the BEW Plaque unveiling

The plaque is mounted so that it overlooks the beautiful Arts and Craft’s style gentleman’s farm Frank Darling designed for Walker in 1913. Lady Walker called this 100 acre farm, and the abutting 250 acres of oak forest, savanna grasslands and lake front, “Innisfree”. Walker left the property in a family trust for his descendents and six generations later, it still remains mainly intact for their enjoyment.

Gord McNaule piping “A Man’s a Man for A’ That” by Robert Burns at the time of the installation of the Ontario Heritage Trust plaque commemorating Sir Edmund Walker in front of Innisfree Farm, which he had built in 1913-1918

Sir Edmund Walker watching the barn raising at Innisfree 1915

Innisfree Farm main barn, 1915

Innisfree Farm passed out of the family trust in 1977 and was sadly neglected to the point of dereliction.

Innisfree Farm, 2004

Richard and I purchased Innisfree Farm in April 2003 and its restoration to its former glory is slowly progressing. Maybe this is why we don’t get out to the dog show scene as much!

Innisfree Farm, 2005

Fall 2005

In September I had one of my more brilliant moments of impulse. Roslyn came in season and despite the fact that she just had a litter and the fact that I would be in British Columbia on holiday when she would be ready to breed, I decided to try anyway to breed her to a young Ch. Thistleglen Leeds X Ch. Fernhill’s Thistleglen Tenille male that came from the repeat breeding that produced Ch. Thistleglen Margot. It was Newell that I had intended to use, however, on arriving at Thistleglen I took one look at his brother Thistleglen Neville and realized that he had to be The Chosen One. Small but type-y, still awaiting his trip to Australia to join Jocelyn Thompson at “Ardtalamcu”, Neville looked at Roslyn and I with his tiny ears popping up on the top of his head and gave my heart an arrhythmia.

Thistleglen Neville 14 months

I like to think Roslyn felt the same way. Though he wasn’t very interested in a bitch that clearly did not smell ready, Roslyn backed up between his front legs and he dutifully bred her. What a star…both of them! The engine was still warm by the time it was over and I was back on the road for the 8 hour drive back home. The next day we were on our flight to Bamfield,B.C. This was our holiday treat for 2005. And what a treat it was to go back to the community where I worked for two years and met so many wonderful people.

Bamfield’s Brady’s Beach

British Columbia still has some giant old growth forests….

Carmanah, British Columbia

Meanwhile in Texas, Julie McPhail (Big Sky) bred her Ch. Highlanders Zoe Cameron D’Lux to Ch. Fernhill’s Azure. Eight girls and 1 boy were born on May 25, 2005. It was an effortless litter for this six year old female and we immediately booked one, no make that two. Big Sky Anica O’Fernhill and Big Sky Astrid O’Fernhill arrived on October 12, 2005. Eventually Anica joined Lucy Ivanoff in Virginia and clinched that relationship by coming second in her 9-12 month class at the SDCA National Specialty in Frankenmuth in 2006.

Lucy and Anica (Azure X Zoe) at 11 months, with Astrid, the ultimate greyhound type staying here at Fernhill.

Astrid at 14 months

A highlight for us in 2005 was the visit of Oliver and Gabi Fritsch from Austria at the end of October for the SDCA Eastern Regional Specialty. They missed the great Fern Hill International Annual Walking Stick Contest (FHIAWSCo) held October 22nd. But Richard and I had that event sewn up with our very professional entry, some clever manipulation of the other entries and the very discerning eye of our slightly pickled judge.

By now Lantana and Lyric are six months and I was having an enormous difficulty in the thought of parting with Lantana whom I had virtually promised to Oliver and Gabi, succumbing in a weak moment to their persuasive powers. She was turning out to be very good indeed, though rather extreme for Europe with her black lean Greyhoundy lines and short wiry coat. Fortunately the meeting with her new potential owners was like a family reunion and I could feel any reservations that I might have had in parting with such a beautiful bitch slip away. Together we traveled to the Specialty, did the fall colour thingy, had moments of glory at the show with Lantana and Lyric’s wins and took a Niagara Falls side trip on the way back. It was a thoroughly satisfying trip despite having to end it by watching Lantana fly off to Austria. But she found the perfect home (next to ours!) at “Atzberg” …see: www.deerhound.at

Fernhill’s Lyric Best in Sweepstakes at just over 6 months of age at the SDCA Eastern Regional Specialty Oct 28-29 2005

It was during this time that Richard worked with Oliver and Gabi on a translation of Captain Franz Laska’s experiences raising and hunting with Deerhounds in Austria in the 1880s and 1890s. It is one of the more interesting Deerhound hunting pieces written. While we will include it in the Deerhound book that we are writing, we decided to distribute it immediately by submitting it to The Performance Sighthound Journal where it has appeared as a three part series in the first 3 issues of 2006

Roslyn’s “V” litter was born November 22, 2005 (6 dogs; 5 bitches) which meant that she really didn’t start to ovulate until about 3 days after breeding! We really were fortunate!, for I do think this litter is one of my best ever.

Neville X Roslyn 6 males, 5 bitches born November 22, 2006

Roslyn’s “V” litter 2 days old

These pups were pure pleasure to raise…the big difficulty was choosing which to keep. Here are a few of the kids at various ages:

Fernhill’s Vanguard

Vanguard at 8 weeks

Vanguard head photo at 8 weeks

Vanguard at 16 weeks

Vanguard at 7 months

Fernhill’s Vesper was the pup that said to us from this litter, “pick me! PICK ME!” I really wanted to keep Vesta, but Dana Olson (“Hyperion”) in Colorado, who started with Vivien and Vesta as a pair, couldn’t bear to send her back, so we agreed to co-own her on a lease back arrangement.

Vesper at 8 weeks

The absolutely irresistible Vesper (8 weeks)

Vesper at 16 weeks

Vesper at 6 months (yes, she just stands like that without being stacked or on a leash, and no, she is not trained or lobotomized, far from it!)

Vesper at 7 months…amazing the difference one month makes in this breed!

Valiant Lord Dickon ended up in Nova Scotia in the lap of luxury…

Peter Cullip and Valiant Lord Dickon after the long flight to his new home in Nova Scotia and then feeling right at home…

and much to my surprise, I was persuaded to let my first Deerhound go off to an apartment in New York!! Well, not quite New York, but posting my very first set of Deerhound registration papers to a Hoboken apartment did make me feel odd. No, I wasn’t desperate for a home. This was someone that had enquired about a puppy; someone that rallied back after my description as to the needs of this breed and how unsuitable his New York city location was for a giant galloping hound, and someone who had difficulty accepting my reluctance and strong arguments against selecting a Deerhound as the breed to share his apartment life. Of course I could not reject his interest outright as my very first Deerhound was acquired when I moved in 1970 to a downtown Manhattan apartment to attend university and I lived in a tiny room on the 8th floor on 123rd Street. So, I knew the ramifications of a pup with the squirts in New York city. But this Hoboken man was not to be deterred. He sent me references from his legal colleagues attesting to his character. He drove to Canada twice to visit with the puppies and us and brought his charming father who vouched for his son’s interest and integrity. He found a doggy day care and we received pictures of what seemed like every square inch of the where the pup would be during the day as well as his “schedule”. The day care staff read my Primer; we interviewed the staff; we talked to the resident vet. The office “puppy shower” sounded like THE office event of the year. I liked him and he had every contingency covered. Still, it took a lot of persuading, but eventually Rich Paice got his Victor Moses (VM). And the news from the city is good…
<<I believe that I had mentioned that I changed day care centres for VM. He’s now going to a larger (10,000 sq ft.) center, with indoor and outdoor runs. The indoor space is air-conditioned. There is pick-up and drop-off service. VM is picked up at 7 am and dropped off by 6:30. I feel like I am raising an Olympic athlete with the food and exercise regimen that I have him on. Sometimes I think that I’d like to be VM with the life of Riley that he’s leading! My friends and office co-workers think that I am nuts for doing all the things that I am doing. Having a great time with all of it>>

Victor Moses of Hoboken, New Jersey settling in.

Spring 2006

The excitement that reverberated throughout the Deerhound world in February was Ch. Thistleglen Margot’s Hound Group win at the Westminster Kennel Club Show at Madison Square Gardens, New York. As the premier dog show in North America, Margot became only the second Deerhound in the history of the breed to win the prestigious Hound Group…the first to do this being Ch. Fernhill’s Phantom in 1991. Interesting to note (for me anyway) is that Margot’s dam Ch. Fernhill’s Thistleglen Tenille goes back to the same dogs that are behind Phantom. Margot’s spectacular movement and exuberant personality made her performance unforgettable and while I had a vested reason to be proud of Margot, I think all the Deerhound fancy felt she was a credit to the breed. This is one of my favourite photos of Leslie Potts and Margot at Finger Lakes…a great winning team with more than 15 (fifteen!) Best in Shows to their credit! The perfection of her gait shows in this photo, and yes, a “proofless” photo is on order!

Ch. Thistleglen Margot moving out at the Finger Lakes show…

Ch. Thistleglen Margot (Ch. Thistleglen Leeds X Ch. Fernhill’s Thistleglen Tenille) now top winning Deerhound of all time

SDCA National Specialty May 11-13, 2006 in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

It is quite amazing to drive only 7 hours to an SDCA National Specialty.
The Specialty began with the Futurity where Fernhill’s Lyric won his class under Melvin Kangas (“Algonkian”) and placed in the Sweepstakes under Sally Stasytis from Australia (pictured below with Lyric). The international flavour that is now such a big part of our National Specialties contributes enormously to the specialness of a “Specialty”.

We had super venue at Frankenmuth and it was beautifully organized. We didn’t bring a lot of dogs as we shared a van with Susan. What we did bring made us proud… Roslyn got a 2nd in the Bred By Exhibitor class and was squeaked out for Reserve Winners Bitch by Judith Bowman’s beautiful WitsEnd Satine….that wasn’t too shabby for a matron who just had produced two litters. Mr. White a.k.a. Valance at just 5 months came along for the ride, picked up a ribbon in the Futurity and caught the eye of Joan and Joe Giles (“Glencrag”). Later he morphed into Fernhill’s Vaill of Glencrag. He was my favourite male from this litter with his cool dude personality and amazing movement. But as Joe said as he rolled down the driveway after coming from Oregon to pick him up and I snivelled at the thought of him leaving, “you have Vesper, and Vanguard is not too shabby either”.

Fernhill’s Vaill of Glencrag at 16 weeks

A breeders dream was fulfilled for Susan Trow (and me as a co-breeder) with the performance of the “M” litter, which excelled in both the ring and field. Caretta’s Marcus, Mandolin and Minx (Ch. Lehigh Yuill X Fernhill’s Reiba) all placing in their Specialty Classes and in the coursing, winning for Susan both the ASFA Breeders and the Kennel Stakes.

Susan Trow (Caretta’s Marcus), Michelle Cowan (Caretta’s Minx), Barb (with Susan’s Caretta’s Mandolin)…SDCA National Specialty…ASFA Kennel and Breeder’s Stakes, May 2006

But the biggest tartan ribbon ever made, was brought back by Fernhill’s Lyric, who was selected for Best Outline in Show (and only 13 months!) and we had a riotous time setting him up for the picture with, fortunately, a very skilled and determined judge who insisted on showing everyone why she had honoured him with this award.

Fernhill’s Lyric, 13 months…Best Outline in the 2006 SDCA National Specialty

We distributed a “Prospectus” on the contents of our forthcoming Deerhound book at the 2006 SDCA Specialty and we were gratified by the interest and response from so many people. For those that were not there in Frankenmuth and are interested in that Prospectus, a downloadable pdf copy is available with this What’s New 2006 and our Home page.

A week after the National Specialty in Frankenmuth, I headed off to Vienna to see how Lantana was faring and to visit my grandmother’s family home in Wiesen in the Czech Republic. Also part of the trip was the German Sighthound Specialty on May 25, 2006, and on May 27 the Swiss Deerhound Specialty. This was a “looking for the groom” trip as Oliver, Gabi who own Lantana, and I, who has every intention of importing a puppy from her back to North America, hope to breed Lantana to a male that would add to her qualities. She greeted me on the driveway at Atzberg, Mollmannsdorf, Austria with a big welcome.

It was an amazing whirlwind trip with visits to the beautiful world heritage district, the Wachau along the Danube, the Waldviertel and then to Wiesen in the Czech Republic where my mother spent her summers in my grandmother’s Walzel family home known as the Schölzerei.

Wiesen, Czech Republic

The German Sighthound Specialty brought some new Deerhounds into my life and I particularly liked the male Ch. Chapeltower Callan and his “J” and “K” “Cunamara” (Apelt & Petzold) get. At the Swiss Deerhound Specialty a few days later I was thrilled to meet Ruth Oess (“of the Scottish Highlands”) whose impact on the breed has been profound. We clearly have an “eye” for the same type of Deerhound and both of us enjoyed the win of Avalon’s Kingaroy (Atchafalaya Caruso X Ch. Owner’s Risk of the Scottish Highlands) in a challenging class of males. This show provided a fascinating view of European bloodlines mixed with Nelungaloo, Lehigh, Fernhill and other imports. Judged by Gayle Bontecou, the Specialty was won by a truly stunning bitch bred by Marianne Del Sole, Ealasaid Fiadhaich (Ch. Lehigh Yanker the Deerhunter x Clachtoll Quara), a grand-daughter of our Torquil. Best Puppy was Doughal the Deerhunter bred by Renee Devaux, sired by Fernhill’s High Glamour. Glam reminded me very much of his sire Indy.

Ch. Fernhill’s High Glamour at 5 years and his son Doughal the Deerhunter.

Doughal the Deerhunter, ( 9 months) Best Puppy in Swiss Specialty, bred by Renėe Deveaux

One of the more beautiful Deerhound trophies I have seen was presented for Best Head, a perpetual trophy from Katrin Hubert-Kühne (“From Highlanders Yard”).

While it was fun being a tourist and looking at dogs, best about the trip is getting to know my new “family” and the “Gemütlichkeit” gatherings with Gabi, Oliver, his mother Karin, their daughters Patricia and Belinda, plus the dogs Charming Giants Charly, Catweazel and Lantana , which are always an important part of the family social scene.

Oliver and Gabi Fritsch (“Atzberg”) www.deerhound.at/

Summer 2006

Meanwhile, back in Canada, Atticus, sire of Lantana, Lyric, Logan et al was on the winners road, picking up a series of hound Group placements…five so far in three weekends of shows.

Ch. Fernhill’s Atticus owned and handled by Alistair Sutherland.

The Scottish Deerhound Club Western Regional Specialty held at Lompoc California in July was the next major event. We attended only vicariously and were delighted to hear that Kris and Bayard Smith’s Fernhill’s Logan of Jeffcairn went Winners Dog and Fernhill’s Vaill of Glencrag went Best Puppy in Specialty, this despite a chipped bone in his toe. Logan then got ASFA certified and is now set to course. This “cert” was an important step for both Jeffcairn and Fernhill, with our mutual goals of maintaining high performance in the ring and field. Bayard is right up there too in terms of ring showmanship and running ability!

Logan moving out with Bayard Smith (“Jeffcairn”) at the Western Regional SDCA Specialty where he won Winners Dog.

Bayard and Logan, Western Regional SDCA Specialty, July, 2006, Lompoc, California

Fernhill’s Logan of Jeffcairn J.C. (Atticus X Roslyn) (15 months)
Winners Dog at the 2006 Western Regional Specialty

Logan head and shoulders above all…pictured at a year old.

A brief cool spell over the August 5-7, 2006 weekend brought Soso Whaley and Fernhill’s Javelin (Niall X Dulcie) to compete at the Iron Dog (Sighthound) event held at the Roberta and Jim Jamieson farm near Codrington. A CKC sanctioned event, the participants are judged on lure coursing, straight racing, oval track racing and a conformation show over the three days. While Caretta’s Mandolin went Best in Show in the conformation event, Javelin (with Soso in tow…literally in one event) went Best of Opposite Iron Dog based on all four events.

Fernhill’s Javelin (Yellow) and Caretta’s Marcus (pink) battling it out in the lure event of the Iron Dog weekend August 5-7, 2006

Its now mid August and too hot to do much other than struggle with a long overdue Web update, or take a drive with the wind through your hair leaving the dust and your cares behind….in the world’s only (affordable) REAL car, hand-built the way cars should be made…the one and only (drum roll) MORGAN!. So I sign off with pictures of the wee Morgan Rally held here at Fernhill August 13th 2006. Our 1968 mechanic’s dream was hidden in the drive shed from these gleaming 1959 – 1960’s gems.

It doesn’t get much better than this for taking to the road!…CHEERS from all of us a Fern Hill!