Welcome to Fern Hill Scottish Deerhounds

Fern Hill 1878

In the year 2020 I celebrated fifty years living with Scottish Deerhounds. I am forever grateful for both the wonderful friendships made in the Deerhound community and for those glorious moments on our daily walks when we get the opportunity to watch the dogs in full flight over the fields of Fern Hill. The years have brought us coursing triumphs, show successes, the excitement of new litters and the heartbreak of losing cherished companions. Most of all there is the loving daily presence of these hounds that we are blessed to share. These pages attempt to distill an essence of Scottish Deerhounds at Fern Hill.

Fern Hill today

Our Deerhounds are true to their origins…

Over the years my hounds have hunted across the tundra of Labrador, over the Canadian prairies, after jackrabbits in the Dakotas and after hares in Europe.. It is hard to describe the thrill of seeing a Scottish Deerhound in hot pursuit of … “that something” …usually some figment of their imagination, or here in North America, after the faint scent of a passing white-tailed deer. We have 200 acres (81 hectares) at Fern Hill where we run our hounds, and we have a house full of dog beds because we firmly believe that no Deerhound should ever be kept in a crate, cage or kennel.

Deer-Stalking Henry Hope Crealock 1892

Ch. Fernhill’s Electra at Fitzhugh F.Ch.

(photo by Dan Gauss)

(Ch.Fernhill’s Wyvern X Lyonhil Echo O’Fernhill) owned by Margaret Sudekum D.V.M., a brilliant lure courser even as a veteran, a conformation champion and exceptional brood bitch.

Deerhounds deserve the best….

Lehigh Valen, bred and owned by Paula Pascoe, son of our Can.Ch. Fernhill’s Intrepid, relaxing as only a Deerhound can.

Valen’s great grandmother Am.Can.Ch. Lyonhil Elan O’Fernhill knows how to relax too. Here she is pictured at nine years; now she is almost 12 and she hasn’t moved much since this photo was taken except for long treks daily with her owner Ellen Pilling who lets me know that she still takes off after deer on a regular basis.

Ch. Fernhill’s Electra at Fitzhugh owned by Margaret Sudekum D.V.M.